Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Latest Samplings

Visited "Lovo Cigars" - interesting one-woman shop in downtown Las Vegas. Her robusto maduro was excellent, only $5.00. I bought several other varieties from her and will be commenting on them in the months ahead. Her website is mysteriously sketchy and half in Spanish. But the woman knows how to roll a cigar. In her shop, she's got picture of herself standing next to celebrities like Arnold Schwartzenegger and Bruce Willis, apparenty smoking her cigars. She said Arnold likes to order boxes of the huge bombastic corojo Churchills that I saw in her store humidor.

Fuente Hemingway Short Story: Disappointment. Would be a good 4-dollar cigar. Problem is, it costs $10. Way too much money for a mini-perfecto that's just as hot and one-dimensional as anybody elses. Mini perfectos suck, let's face it. There's nothing anyone can do about it. Even Rocky Patel comes out limp-wristed. Maybe the Cubans get it right. God knows, somebody needs to.

5-Vegas Limitada '06 torpedo: Good hearty crunchy smoke. Cereal, peppery, slight undertone of vanilla. Draw a little to tight for my liking. No big deal, some people like a medium draw. I prefer loose and puffy, with a dense fog of smoke slithering over my defenseless palate. The 5-Vegas 06 was more like a milk shake. You have to work at it, but the reward is ample, especially when it loosens up toward the end.

Java corona: Could do without the sweetened head. Otherwise a good strong mocha-like flavor. Nice square-press, easy draw. Honestly, get rid of the sweet tip, Mr. Drew. A cigar at this price and quality should be able to stand on its own merits.

Ashton Senorita: Decent "dry" cigar, not too hot or bitter. Must check on price. Great deal if they're cheap. I didn't seek this one out. A colleague of mine got a free box at an Ashton event, and gave me a stick. I wished he'd given me a Heritage Puro Sol instead. Guess I'll have to do what everyone else does, and go out and buy one...