Saturday, November 20, 2010

Indian Super Fuertes better than ever

My last post about Indian Tabac Super Fuerte robusto naturals was rather negative, describing a mellowing effect with aging. I've had a few more since then and they are not exactly mellow, just a tad more refined as they age. Most of them keep their "kick" and I'm not sure what happened with the 3 or 4 that seemed mellow when I reviewed them last year.

I recently finished the last super fuerte from a box I bought in 2007. Wow, what a run. And, as I continue to buy new five packs of this blend, I'm amazed at how well they smoke fresh out of the box.

These are some of the most rugged, reliable full-bodied cigars that you can win on the auctions for less than 2 dollars apiece. Great for that quick-rush, give-me-a-cigar-NOW moment. They are not about subtle finesse, but instant gratification through open draw and crackling intensity. Sometimes they go bitter by the last third, other times they smoke gloriously down to the nub. Either way you get something of value for your $1.89 or whatever ridiculously low price you paid.

Whether you get 30 minutes or 60, you'll always get reliable draw, taste and burn that can withstand a stiff breeze, heat, cold, allergies, and even rain. You could probably smoke one in the middle of a hurricane and still enjoy it, although I've never tried that.

Oddly, the other blends in this line don't do much for me - I've tried the super fuerte maduros in various sizes and find them all lacking in flavor or not as well constructed. But the robusto natural (habano wrapper) is a real winner. A cheapskate's paradise.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Casa Torano Maduro Robusto

Casa Torano Maduro robustos are not so easy to come by any more - seems like the online stores are only stocking the mild naturals. However I bagged a five-pack of the maduros a while back for $13 on cigarbid.

Reviews are all over the place on these - some people say too mild, some too strong, etc.

I find them to be excellent medium-strength sticks with lots of body and flavor. Leaning towards woody and peaty, not sweet. Good draw and consistent burn, no harshness, and fine character to the last inch. A cigar with some finesse rather than a blow-you-away bomber.

For $3 apiece, you can't really do much better. Smoke them indoors or in calm outdoor conditions to enjoy properly. A slight breeze would probably knock them off their game.

Comparable to:
5 Vegas Series A - but stronger
Alec Bradley MAXX - but milder
Pepin Series JJ Maduro - similar flavor and a lot cheaper!
La Flor Dominicana Grand Maduro #6 - and much better flavor

Good luck if you can find them!