Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just Bad: Perdomo 2 Limited Edition Cameroon epicure

I smoked a Perdomo2 Ltd. Ed. Cameroon (epicure size) last night and wondered if my humidification had gotten away from me: It tasted hot and dry. This is NOT what you expect from Perdomo, which makes several wonderful blends.

Luckily I found another review at a site called One Cigar a Week and it confirmed that the problem lies with the cigar, not my humidor: The Perdomo2 Ltd. Ed. Cameroon is simply a failed blend. Here is excerpt from One Cigar a Week and it is right on the money:

"Expect harsh tones of spice and earth upon lighting. The cigar was very bitter all the way through. There was some complexity to the cigar; however, the strong and bitter dirt notes made it hard to distinguish and enjoy."

To create gems like the Lot 23s and the Reserve Ltd. Oscuros, I guess you have to knock out a dog or two along the way. The Perdomo 2 Cameroons really should be pulled from the market or dumped at extreme discount. Buyer beware.