Thursday, February 4, 2010

Indian Tabac Super Fuerte maduro toro

I've tried two maduro versions of the IT Super Fuerte -- the mini bellicoso and the toro -- and found them both lacking in comparison with the excellent habano-wrapped robustos.

The mini belicoso had a tight draw and tasted chalky and nondescript.

The super fuerte toro had an excellent burn and draw, and a leafy, peaty flavor that lacked nuance and bordered on cloying muskiness. If you like earthiness, chalk, clay, grassfires, pimento and the like, you might actually love the toro. It's just too far toward that end of the spectrum for my taste.

The toro is a decent cheap smoke that behaves like one. Power without subtlety, and a one-dimensional flavor that quickly feels flat and wears you out by midpoint. On the other hand I recognize this is one of those hard-to-pin down cigars that might get high ratings by other Rocky fans whose palates vary slightly from my own.

I'm unable to recommend, but unwilling to dismiss, the maduro I.T. Super Fuertes. Maybe Rocky will improve them in the next year or two.