Sunday, July 19, 2009

Very Good Boy: Rocky Patel Olde World Maduro robusto

I finally nabbed one of these on a "singles" auction at cigarbid. What they say is true: This is a wonderful cigar, encapsulating all the best traits of maduro richness and flavor.

Like its corojo sibling, the Olde World maduro robusto draws with a cool lushness that few rollers are able to master. The flavors are complex and bold with a hardwood edge and tinges of coffee, grain, spice and semi-sweet chocolate. You know the deal: Everything that makes little Jack Horner puff like a maniac and say, "what a good boy am I." The performance is flawless down to the last inch. No bitterness, only satisfaction from beginning to end.

I kept comparing this favorably to other great maduro cigars such as Oliva Series G, Camacho Triple Maduro, Perdomo Lot 23 maduro and even Indian Tabac maduro boxers (which can be excellent, though not always). The RP Olde World Maduro is a winner and worth the $5 minimum with which you will be hopefully be lucky enough to win at cigarbid. I've seen them bid all the way up to $9 apiece and even at that price they would be worth it.

Less than wow: Rocky Patel Olde World corojo toro

Now that I've tried both the corojo and maduro Olde Worlds in the sqare pressed toro size, I can confirm that my theory is correct: The toros are rolled tighter than the robustos and torpedos, making them firmer in the draw and weaker in flavor. The corojo corroborates my similar exerience with the maduro.

Smoke fans, if you want the full body, astonishing flavor and lush draw which the Olde Worlds (both maduro and corojo) can provide as well as any cigars on the marketplace, avoid the toros.

The toros are good if you prefer medium to mild. However even as mild cigars, I wouldn't say they are competitive. Stick to your expensive Fuentes and Padrons for similar but better-performing profiles.

The Olde Worlds are expensive too, so it helps to know what you're in for before you buy. In summary:

Robusto and torpedo - Full body, easy draw, bold flavors.
Toro - Tighter draw, milder strength, subtler flavor.