Saturday, July 16, 2011

Review of Nestor Miranda Doppelbok

The Nestor Miranda Doppelbok is a cheap cigar worth blogging about. It retails at for only $39.99 per bundle of 20 and packs quite a bit of punch and flavor. I have smoked 4 of them and they are consistently open-drawing, full-powered, tasty smokes. Very rich and satisfying for a cigar priced this low. They consist of a Habano wrapper and Nicaraguan filler.

I  like the Doppelbok better than Nestor Miranda's more expensive offerings such as the Special Selection (burns too hot) and '89 Oscuro (not rich enough for my taste). I think the Doppelbok has more flavor and "oomph" than either of those. The Doppelbok is a great cigar for a breezy night or times when you're "on the run" or otherwise not positioned to appreciate a subtle cigar.

I would describe the flavor of the Doppelbok as woody with a sub-layer of flint or mineral and hints of melon-like sweetness. The experience of smoking this straightforward, easy-drawing cigar reminds me of Indian Tabac Super Fuerte robustos, my favorite low-priced cigars. The Dobbelbok comes in a close second. 

It shares qualities with other cigars I like including:
  • Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Robusto (habano)
  • Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic 1979
  • Nestor Miranda Special Selection
  • Oliva Series G Cameroon robusto
  • Rocky Patel Edge Corojo toro
  • Rocky Patel Olde World robusto (natural/corojo)
If you like any of those cigars, you might enjoy the Doppelbok as a low-investment alternative.


haskpts said...

MANUFACTUR DEESCRIPTION: “Sunglasses not included. After a slew of highly rated releases, Nestor Miranda transitions to something a little easier on the wallet. But that’s the only difference - the flavor and construction are still on par with their counterparts. Doppelbök, commonly referred to around the office as DB, is crafted with a dark, leathery Habano wrapper that’s loaded with oils and a rich blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers. Notes of nuts, cedar, and earth overlay a rich tobacco core, creating a smoke that’s flavorful and interesting throughout every inch. But despite its abundance of flavor Nestor Miranda DB is smooth, creamy, and mellow in body. A winner indeed, and just $2 apiece....for ever and ever.”

MY REVIEW:- Bitter! Ugh, sorry whatever they cost they are acrid. These are not “smooth, creamy, and mellow in body”!

99 Cigar Guy said...

That's correct. The Doppelbok is NOT smooth, creamy or mellow. It is a powerful cigar with a bit of flint in the taste, which means that a lot of you will fint it harsh. The other half of you will love it. Try just ONE, or split a five pack with your friends before you go crazy over the deals and buy a whole box.

robert bringino said...

I think it all depends on how you store them. You can have a high dollar humidefier and get some shitty results. Ive had only three of these cigars and they were really great. They burn good and taste mild and nutty. I think it all depends of what mood your on for the taste.

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