Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Deep-Dish, Melt Your Taste Buds in Ecstasy

I have found my greatest cigar discovery so far this year: The Rocky Patel Olde Worlde Corojo robusto. This cigar has the rich, melt-in-your-mouth smoothness that is akin to eating a fine dessert or pastry. The weight and balance of the smoke are incredible. The flavor is hard to describe, with a tint of nutmeg spicing a wondrous soup of palate-pleasing ingredients that might include cedar, leather, honey, and pumpkin. The draw is remarkably open and cool - a difficult combination to pull off - and the quality abides all the way to the final inch.

This cigar is well worth the shockingly high list price of 50 bucks per five pack. However, it is offered on discount regularly (today as a matter of fact at cigarsinternational "daily Joe") and typically auctions at $25 per 5-pack on cigarbid.com. If you can get these for $5.00 each, you are in like Flynn and living the life of Riley.

I ordered the daily Joe special as a gift to myself on St. Patrick's Day. However you need no excuse for spending money on a cigar this good.

I've heard the Olde World maduros are even better than the corojos. It's hard to imagine.

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