Monday, June 22, 2009

The name doesn't lie: Cu-Avana Intenso robusto

The Cu-Avana intenso robusto lives up to its name: It's a hearty, strong, effulgent cigar that delivers a consistent if somewhat uneventful performance. If you like deep, earthy flavor with a mineral or even charcoal undertone, this cigar will probably satisfy you. It reminded me of blends such as 5-Vegas Series A or Monetcristo Media Noche, only stronger. The smoke is so thick it almost has a chalky consistency, which I find rather pleasant, especially because it never veers into bitterness (often a drawback of strong cigars).

By the time you get to the end of this stick, you are either cheering for more or ready to hang it up. I was in the latter camp, the way you might feel after gulping down several slices of pizza or chocolate cake. Great in the beginning but a bit stultifying in large doses. This cigar does not "develop" at all - it maintains the same texture and flavor from beginning to end.

I was lucky to win a 5-pack of these on cigarbid for only $7.00. For that price it is a wonderful cigar, and at its normal box price of $60.00 it is still an excellent value. A little too heavy and one-dimensional for my taste, but it just might be up your alley if your preference is a notch higher on the strength-o-meter.

It takes a lot for me to call a cigar "strong." This one truly is, and it earns the name "intenso."


Anonymous said...

I just smoked a toro last night. Excellent cigar, you're spot on with your review!

Anonymous said...

I bought 10 of the toros on sale from
I had a very similar experience. The cigar was terrific for the first third but by the midway point I was bored with it. That was after about 2 hours -- this was a well made, slow burning cigar.
There are several good points associated with this brand but, as you say, very one dimensional.

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