Friday, March 12, 2010

Indian Tabac Classic Teepee

Another cheapo winner from Rocky Patel. This fat, easy-drawing corojo is called a "teepee" but unlike the maduro teepees, the shape is actually a large (6 inch long) torpedo.

Flavor, burn and draw are excellent and identical to the arrow (robusto). A most satisfying smoke, especially if you don't puff too fast. If you like corojos and appreciate Indian Tabac in general, you will not be disappointed. Take your time and let it burn cool.

I won a five-pack of these for only 5 bucks. The quality-to-price ratio of this brand continues to amaze me. I've paid three times as much for lousier smokes.

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Anonymous said...

The Indian Tabac range are amongst my favourites and never dissapoint. In fact with Rocky Patel seeming to overstretch himself by producing too many new cigars (or as it appears to me in the UK where we pay many times more for his cigars than in the US if dumb enough to buy here) and not sticking to what he excels at I will keep coming back to these older cigars.

Creekend< UK