Friday, May 28, 2010

5 Vegas AAA: Burnt toast and coffee grinds

UPDATE: 4-30-2011
Humidor rest does this cigar wonders and seems to have eliminated any of the "burnt" flavor characteristics that I referenced below. See my latest review.


Original review 5-28-2010:

The 5 Vegas AAA is indeed a more powerful cigar than the standard 5 Vegas A line. However, that doesn't necessarily make it better.

Upon receiving my 5 Vegas AAA from Cigars Direct, I let it sit in the humidor for about a week before lighting. I had high hopes but after the first few puffs I knew it wasn't going to be as good as some of the 5 Vegas Miami vitolas or the butt-kicking Cask Strength II.

I found the AAA to be one dimensional and somewhat harsh. If you lean towards coffee you might like it, although it tasted too much of "burnt" in my opinion: Burnt toast, burnt chocolate, burnt marshmallows or just plain old used coffee grinds.

Other than the flavor this cigar burns well, produces full rich smoke and maintains even character all the way the way through to the end. It might be your cup of tea if you like the charcoal side of the flavor spectrum. I just don't happen to.


Anonymous said...

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~The Professor @ Cigar Scholar

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is somewhat one dimensional and prominently featured a rich coffee flavor, but I disagree with the negativity of your review. I loved the triple A, and found it powerful, but surprisingly smooth. I didn't even get a hint of the "burnt" that you mentioned.

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